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Proposed Bylaws Amendments Survey

We need YOUR input on the proposed bylaws amendments we will be voting on next month.  Please use the below survey to let us know your opinions! 

Detailed information about each amendment can be found in the documents below:

Proposed Bylaws Amendemnts Document from the Bylaws Committee

Proposed Bylaws Amendments Presentation from Senate Calls

Code of Conduct Document

Oath of Office Document

Section Reps, please pass this information on to your sections and ask any interested persons to fill out the survey.  We would like responses by Friday, October 29th.


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Intro & WE10 Senate Meeting Info

Welcome to the FY11 Region J Senator’s Blog!!  Let’s start with short introductions of your Senators and Alternate Senator:

Barb Donoghue continues her second year as Senator and is in the Pacific Northwest Section.  Jennifer Bly begins her first year as Region Senator and is from the Columbia River Section.  Wendy Jenkins is the Region’s Alternate Senator and joins us also from the Pacific Northwest Section. Tam To joins as the Region’s Collegiate Senator and this is also her first time in the role.

We are all very excited to kickoff the blog and looking forward to your feedback on it and SWE business at hand.

Now, getting down to business – we have Bylaws Motions to share with you, our constituents, and we need YOUR feedback!  The Senate is voting on these motions at the meeting in Orlando on Saturday, Nov. 6.  Here is the process we will use :

  • Senators share the motions with the Region participants (post on Senator’s blog) on Oct. 19th
  • Senators share the motions with Region J leaders in Region J monthly meeting on Oct. 19.
  • Region survey will open on Oct. 18 for all Region SWE members to post their vote and comments to each motion  — survey will close on Oct. 29th.
  • You will hear the results through the blog by Nov. 10 after we return from Orlando!

There are 12 motions — each is described below.  The Senators met over the last few weeks with the Speaker of the Senate, Bernice Brody to hear the motions and discuss them.  Please let us know what questions or comments you have on these motions directly through e-mail or through posting a comment on the blog.


S1101: Member Voting Rights

  • Clarify “all rights of membership” especially for associate members in relation to the wording of other member grades. No content change, just re-wording. 

S1102: Region officer voting rights on region council

  • The COR governance task force recommended that region council structures be consistent across regions and the structure used by most regions was added to the Society bylaws two years ago.
  • This amendment would give back to the regions the option to allow the officers to be voting members of region councils.

S1103, S1104, and S1105: Collegiate candidates for region / professional section/ MAL positions

  • Allows collegiate members to be considered for elected region/professional section/MAL positions if they will be a member of that subordinate unit and will qualify for professional membership before July 1.  This includes most collegiates in graduate school, since most qualify for professional membership even if they hold the collegiate member grade.  It also includes collegiates who expect to receive bachelor engineering or engineering-related degrees before July 1 and transition to professional membership or proceed directly to graduate school and continue as collegiate members.
  • Collegiates will not be able to run for region governor or professional section/MAL president (as well as lieutenant governor and in most cases, vice president).
  • Collegiates interested in being considered would need to contact the subordinate unit and present their qualifications during that unit’s nominating process, and it would be up to each unit whether or not such collegiates may be candidates.
  • Many collegiate members have been actively involved in their collegiate sections and regions and want to continue their involvement.  This amendment provides another avenue for them to contribute immediately after graduation and helps the subordinate units that have trouble finding candidates.

S1106: Collegiate Director position on Board of Directors

  • Make the temporary collegiate board rep into a permanent and full voting member of the board. Duties, election/appointment, and eligibility to remain as currently is for collegiate rep. It’s a 1 year term.

S1107: Disbanding a Committee by the Board of Directors

  • At present, the board of directors may establish and disband committees (other than the standing committees specified in the bylaws) at will. This amendment would require the board to give a committee it is considering disbanding the opportunity to be heard.
  • The bylaws committee is recommending against this amendment.  They believe that this should be documented in the board procedure.  The board is working on an amendment to their procedure.   

S1108: Senate speaker eligibility

  • The intent of this motion is to broaden the acceptable pool of candidates for consideration for speaker and deputy speaker.
  • As proposed, the list of experiences mirrors that which is currently stated for eligibility requirements of the board of directors (assuming the adoption of proposal S1109 passes).

S1109: Board eligibility

  • Add senate committee chairs to the eligibility list for board of director’s positions.

S1110: Code of conduct

  • During FY10 the board of directors and senate approved a code of conduct package. This motion adds it to the bylaws.
  • Note1:  Since the code of conduct affects all SWE members and the senate represents all SWE members, the senate would need to approve any revisions of the code.  (See attached for current “Code of Conduct” document as reference)
  • Note2:  The document currently titled “oath of office” will need to be revised to be a “code of service.”  (See attached for current “Oath of Office” document as reference)
  • Note3:  Since there is another motion this season affecting that same paragraph, if both should pass the wording of this motion would come second.

S1111: Senate Procedure Update           

The intent of the changes are:

  • Update what materials are provided to new senators and clarify who provides these materials. Much of our templates and such are included in the communications document, so we’ve referred to that where appropriate.
  • Provide additional direction of Senator roles
  • Provide a provision for regions with alternates who have a vacancy in the alternate role can elect another alternate to complete the term. (We have one region where the alternate left the area and so now they don’t have an alternate)
  • Provide direction on how to submit a motion
  • Provide a time for when we should submit financial motions to the finance committee for review. (we chose 3 weeks)
  • We identify the “standing committees” for the senate and what are their roles/responsibilities.
  • We added the annual “speaker will notify the society nominating committee to handle and act as the senate nominating committee” — so we don’t need a motion each year.
  • Added links to key documents not in the senate communications document.

S1112: Editorial Changes by Bylaws Committee

  • Allows bylaws committee to make minor editorial changes once motions are passed

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