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Senate Mega Issues Update

Mega Issues are overriding issues of strategic importance that cut across multiple goals or outcome areas. They are framed in the form of a question that cannot be answered “yes” or “no.” Mega issues address key questions that SWE must answer, illuminating choices we must make and the challenges we need to overcome in moving toward our Envisioned Future.

During the Senate meeting at annual conference each of the three senate mega issues teams gave a short presentation about the mega issue they are working on and where they are in evaluating it. Below are the three powerpoint presentations they presented as well as a summary of each.

MI106: How can we empower women engineers to be successful on their own terms? – Team will be working with the membership committee and may be surveying the CPC members.

MI112: How can SWE provide assistance to unemployed members? – Team is looking for contacts of unemployed/underemployed members to ask survey questions of.

MI114: To what extent and in what areas should SWE venture beyond STEM to issues relevant to SWE’s mission? – Senate participated in a brainstorming session to capture ideas regarding this topic. A member survey may be requested. Recommendations to be provided by February Senate meeting.

If you would like to get involved with one of the mega issues teams contact Deb Willems, the current senate mega issues chair (her contact information can be found in the SWE membership directory).

SWE is always looking for new mega issue suggestions. If you have any, please submit them at


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