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Input Needed: Election for SWE FY14 Director of Advocacy

The elected Directory of Advocacy recently stepped down and it falls to the Senate to fill that vacancy.  Members of the FY14 Special Senate nominating committee have completed their evaluation of nominees for the FY14 Director of Advocacy BOD vacancy position and have selected the following slate of candidates who meet the required qualifications.  As your region Senators, we need your input to aid in making our decision.  If you have any feedback on the below candidates or have an opinion as to who we should vote for please either reply to this post or e-mail us via the e-mail addresses posted on the contacts page by Saturday, August 24th.  Please see the candidate bios and position description below:


FY14 Slate for Director of Advocacy BOD Position

Mary Perkinson
SWE Resume
Justina Mikals
SWE Resume


Position Description:

Director Position Description:

A candidate for director should have experience in managing committees, managing funds, and have an understanding of SWE’s committee operations.  The candidate should have participated in society level or regional activities.  In addition, the candidate should provide the interface between staff and SWE committee volunteers to accomplish objectives. Experience as a committee chair is beneficial and strongly recommended.  The director is not an officer of the Society.


Operational Goals related to Director of Advocacy:

3.2.1 Develop membership advocacy tool kit
Owner:  Director of Advocacy

3.3.1   Enhance resources/programs for adult
influencers via the current outreach programs
and add or enhance for outreach key events
Owner:  Director of Advocacy

The Outreach Committee and Advocacy Advisory Board would report to the new Director as well.



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