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FY13 Senate Meeting Recap

At the Senate meeting at WE13 your 3 region senators were hard at work.  Three potential bylaws amendments came before the senate, the results of which are summarized below:

S1401: Past President as Nominating Committee Chair

A substitute amendment was proposed in the place of this bylaws amendment and successfully passed.  The substitute amendment kept the election of the nominating committee chair the same as it is currently but opened he pool of candidates up to current and former Board of Directors members as well.

S1402: Collegiate Director Election

This amendment passed as proposed.  The Collegiate Director candidates will be vetted by the Nominating Committee and then voted on by the collegiate section presidents.

S1404: Collegiate Region Representatives

This bylaws amendment was postponed indefinitely.  The Senate decided to hold off on voting on this amendment until better training was in place for the elected collegiate leaders.  They were worried about too much change happening to quickly and the negative impacts this could have if the collegiate training weren’t improved (the method for collegiate training changed at the beginning of FY14).


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