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FY16 Motions

Below are the motions that were voted on at the WE15 Senate Meeting.


  • S1602: Bylaws Amendments by Electronic Ballot –PASSED –
    • This proposed change to the bylaws would allow electronic voting, with an amendment needing to get a 90% approval rate in order to pass. Allowing electronic ballet will allow the Senate to be more agile, and allow more time for discussion on controversial items during in-person meetings. It will be important however, for Senators to ensure their Region is informed on amendments that are being voted on electronically.
  • S-1603: SWE-EFI – PASSED –
    • This proposed change will add two members of the board of trustees, clarify wording in the SWE-EFI bylaws and clarify that the chair will not vote except during elections for officers or to break a tie. This change will lessen the workload on the BOT members, while having a negligible effect on the SWE EFI budget. This change will not directly impact the Region.
  •  S1604: Approval of Strategic Initiatives Small Business Recommendations – REMOVED FROM AGENDA

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