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What will the Senate vote on at WE16?


Hi Region J,

We need your inputs on the following bylaw amendments the Senate will vote on at WE16. There are two ways to submit your inputs: (1) fill out the doodle poll or (2) leave us a message with your thoughts and concerns!

Survey link: 

S-1615 Dues – BoD, instead of Senate to setting dues and assume allocations responsibilities.

S-1704 Region Councils – Eliminate proportional representation by membership.

S-1617 Trademarks & Emblems – BoD, instead of Senate, to assume SWE trademark and marketing responsibilities.

S-1616 External Policy – BoD, instead of Senate to assume external policy and position responsibilities. 

S-1608, 1610, 1702, 1703 – Collegiate Director Eligibility and Collegiate Director Term

Besides the motions highlighted above, the Senate will also vote on a few other issues (11 motions total, please find the complete list below). You can find more details regarding these motions here:

Motion S-1609 – Director of Regions Eligibility

Motion S-1611 – Vacancies

Motion S-1613 – Honorary Members

As the Society moves forward with the governance changes in FY17, we would like to maintain close contact with the Region J membership. We plan to utilize Facebook (Region J page) and this Blog for communication and encourage checking monthly for new updates. We will also post on Newsletter(s) to announce updates. Your feedback is very important to us and the Society!

Region J Senators
(Stephanie, Tamaira & Anna)



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