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Stephanie Chin, FY17-FY18 Professional Senator

Anna Knight, FY17-FY18 Collegiate Senator

Tamaira Ross, FY16-17 Professional Senator



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  • 1. Suzanne Hakam  |  January 18, 2012 at 7:04 pm

    I’ve reviewed the 3 bylaws amendments – no questions or concerns with S-1209 or S-1215. The amendment to change the method of how calculating the number of RCRs in the Region needs more discussion. I am in favor of the 1 RCR per 20 sections, max of 3 per region. It is a lot of work to contact the collegiate sections and 20 is probably the maximum number to easily handle.

    I noted in the community discussions that there is some concern about communications between 3 versus 2 (or 1). I believe the concerns with communication could be alleviated if the RCRs are given some guidelines on how to administer a region when there is more than 1 RCR. One way to share the workload would be if l RCRs are considered equal in a region and divide up the collegiate sections between them. The RCRs could choose to split evenly the collegiate sections between themselves rather than weigh one down with 20 and the other with the smaller remainder – I don’t see any thing that makes an RCR have to contact 20 sections as its just the number for determining how many RCRs are required to handle the workload.

    There is also an underlaying issue of title and position. The issue comes up when one RCR believes they are the “lead”. I don’t believe that should be allowed because this would then be like only one RCR with assistants. There is nothing now preventing the RCR from having assistants or helpers, even recruiting professional members to help (what ever happen to section counselors?) with the contacting these sections.


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