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IMPORTANT ANNOUNCEMENT: the Region J Senators’ Blog website will no longer be accessible to the public as of July 12018.

Please visit the SWE Senate website Questions can be directed to

This site will be closed on June 30, 2018.


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FY17 Senate Winter Meeting

Hello Region J! The Senate is kicking off 2017 with the Winter Senate Meeting! The Region J senators will be traveling to Austin,TX in a few days to meet up with the rest of the Regions. As the Senators are preparing for the meeting, we are interested in knowing if you have any questions or concerns we can bring with us to Austin? After all, we are there to represent Region J. Leave a comment here to let us know! As we get answers to your questions we will post them here!

On a side note, have you seen this webinar yet? It contains a quick background of the governance change objective and the latest updates from the task force. Let us know what you think!

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WE16 Senate Meeting: Bylaw Amendments Voting Result

Hello Region J,

Here’s the outcome of the WE16 Senate meeting. Tamaira represented our Region and brought in the feedback from the Region J membership. Thank you to those that had filled out the online survey and/or emailed us with feedback.

As always, please feel free to reach out to us if you had any questions regarding the Society governance changes or simply want to chat about SWE. We look forward to hear from you!

Region J Senators
(Stephanie, Tamaira & Anna)

Bylaws Amendment Current State Proposed State As Passed State
S1615: Authority for Setting Dues Senate Board of Directors passed
S1616: External Policy Responsibility Senate Board of Directors passed
S1617: Trademarks and Emblems Responsibility Senate Board of Directors passed
S1611: Vacancies, Filling Office Responsibility Senate Nominating committee & Membership passed
S1704: Region Council 1 section rep. per 100 members (≤ 4) 1 section rep. per section or MAL passed
S1702: Collegiate Director Eligibility A Be a collegiate member of the Society in good standing previous year Be a collegiate member of the Society in good standing at the time the nomination is submitted. At the time of taking office, Have at least 2 years experience. Not considered in lieu of 1703
S1703: Collegiate Director Eligibility B Be a collegiate member of the Society in good standing immediately previous to submission of the nomination Be or have been a collegiate member of the Society in good standing within 3 years; for the immediately previous to submission of the nomination Within 2 years rather than 3
S1707: Collegiate Director Term 1 yr. term 2 yr. term passed
S1706: Director of Regions Eligibility No req’m. for deputy director of regions Candidates for director of regions and deputy director of regions must have been region governor passed
S1613: Honorary Members Unused membership grade Eliminate the grade passed

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What will the Senate vote on at WE16?


Hi Region J,

We need your inputs on the following bylaw amendments the Senate will vote on at WE16. There are two ways to submit your inputs: (1) fill out the doodle poll or (2) leave us a message with your thoughts and concerns!

Survey link: 

S-1615 Dues – BoD, instead of Senate to setting dues and assume allocations responsibilities.

S-1704 Region Councils – Eliminate proportional representation by membership.

S-1617 Trademarks & Emblems – BoD, instead of Senate, to assume SWE trademark and marketing responsibilities.

S-1616 External Policy – BoD, instead of Senate to assume external policy and position responsibilities. 

S-1608, 1610, 1702, 1703 – Collegiate Director Eligibility and Collegiate Director Term

Besides the motions highlighted above, the Senate will also vote on a few other issues (11 motions total, please find the complete list below). You can find more details regarding these motions here:

Motion S-1609 – Director of Regions Eligibility

Motion S-1611 – Vacancies

Motion S-1613 – Honorary Members

As the Society moves forward with the governance changes in FY17, we would like to maintain close contact with the Region J membership. We plan to utilize Facebook (Region J page) and this Blog for communication and encourage checking monthly for new updates. We will also post on Newsletter(s) to announce updates. Your feedback is very important to us and the Society!

Region J Senators
(Stephanie, Tamaira & Anna)


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FY16 Motions

Below are the motions that were voted on at the WE15 Senate Meeting.


  • S1602: Bylaws Amendments by Electronic Ballot –PASSED –
    • This proposed change to the bylaws would allow electronic voting, with an amendment needing to get a 90% approval rate in order to pass. Allowing electronic ballet will allow the Senate to be more agile, and allow more time for discussion on controversial items during in-person meetings. It will be important however, for Senators to ensure their Region is informed on amendments that are being voted on electronically.
  • S-1603: SWE-EFI – PASSED –
    • This proposed change will add two members of the board of trustees, clarify wording in the SWE-EFI bylaws and clarify that the chair will not vote except during elections for officers or to break a tie. This change will lessen the workload on the BOT members, while having a negligible effect on the SWE EFI budget. This change will not directly impact the Region.
  •  S1604: Approval of Strategic Initiatives Small Business Recommendations – REMOVED FROM AGENDA

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New SWE Logo

The motion passed. SWE now has a new logo.

The SWE website will be updated by May 26th, and section/region logos will be available July 1st.SWElogo2015

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FY15 Proposed Branding

At JCON15, the senators presented the proposed branding updates and asked for feedback.  The senators have been asked to vote on the branding to either accept or reject the branding as whole, with no edits to specific sections, such as the logo. A Facebook event has been created for Region J to serve as a forum to provide both positive and constructive feedback.  Please review the attached branding presentation and add your comments to the Facebook event page by April 17.  Thanks!

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